6th Nanowire Growth Workshop follows up the workshops held in Lund (2006 and 2007), Duisburg (2008), Paris (2009) and Rome (2010).
The workshop is intended to provide a forum for lively discussion on the growth of semiconductor nanowires.
The workshop is organized and will be held at St. Petersburg Academic University RAS (St. Petersburg, Russia). The workshop program will include 2.5 working days followed by an excursion to the Hermitage and a boat trip along the river Neva with a conference banquet on board.
Research scientists are invited to submit their most recent works on the following topics:
  • Growth of elemental (Si, Ge), compound (III-V, including nitrides, II-VI) and oxide (e.g., ZnO) semiconductor nanowires;
  • Growth methods: metal-assisted, self-catalyzed and catalyst free growth of nanowires by different epitaxy techniques;
  • Growth of nanowires and nanoneedles on lattice mismatched substrates, e.g., III-V nanowires on silicon;
  • Formation of heterostructures in nanowires;
  • Nanowire morphology, crystal structure and defects;
  • Doping and p-n junction formation;
  • Modelling of nanowire growth, morphology and crystal structure;
  • Novel approaches to nanowire assembly;
  • Optical, electrical, magnetic and other physical properties explicitly related to the growth
    method or mechanism.
    The workshop will cover both experimental and theoretical studies and will aim at generating lively discussions between participants.
    The workshop language is English.
    The conference fee is 180 EUR including conference materials, lunches, excursion, boat trip and banquet.